Jobmania – Eternal Dungeon v2.23.0 MOD APK (Instant Kill Enemy)

Jobmania – Eternal Dungeon v2.23.0 MOD APK (Instant Kill Enemy)


Name Jobmania - Eternal Dungeon Jobmania - Eternal Dungeon is the most famous version in the Jobmania - Eternal Dungeon series of publisher Aubjective Technology
PublisherAubjective Technology
Genre Role Playing
Size 264.92 MB
Version 2.22.0
Update June 9, 2024
MOD Instant Win, Kill Enemy
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  • Instant Win / Instant Kill Enemy

Info:– Don’t Use It until Tutorial is fully finished.– Possible Banrate.



Note: Mod only works for Slime Hero. Dont use this in tutorial Mode. Slime enemy get same function as yours so you need to defeat them manually. Tested on LD PLAYER. Damage and defense Link to Enemy too so deactivate when your enemy turn

Jobmania is a dungeon-themed game where the character will transform into a seemingly harmless slime that can destroy any enemy that stands in its way. The character will constantly move and encounter many different opponents, and from there, players will be able to see the development of the main character. The job system brings branching that can attract players as they will be the ones who decide the path and direction of power development. At the same time, throughout the gameplay, the weapons will have a certain compatibility with the skills you possess, so try to create powerful combinations that can destroy enemies in one hit.


Jobmania takes players into a completely familiar fantasy world where completely dangerous monster enemies exist, and of course, the presence of dungeons is a given. Therefore, you will be the one to explore this area, and in particular, what is about to happen before your eyes is completely secret. You will be curious about what is coming to you and whether the monsters will suddenly become stronger or not. All will be answered after you receive the reward after a match, and you will be the one to choose your opponent to increase the chance of the slim character you control surviving the longest.

  • Endless content: Procedurally generated dungeon floors, enemies, and events.
  • Explore without limits: Descend as deep as you can into the dungeon.
  • High replayability: Randomized loot and abilities make each run unique.


Players will be transformed into a blue slime friend who will become the main character and can gain dozens of skills to destroy opponents. At the same time, when a match starts, you will be given a choice regarding the opponent and who you like to face; you should give priority to that person. At the same time, the success rate is always something you need to consider because the gameplay revolving around turn-based combat brings a sense of nostalgia to you. You will take out the right skill to attack the opponent before your HP is reduced to zero, and because the character can only attack for one turn, the player is forced to come up with smart strategies to win.

  • Build your hero: Acquire new jobs and abilities through exploration and events.
  • Strategic combinations: Equip up to 3 jobs at once and combine their powers.
  • Customize your playstyle: Strategically build your deck of abilities for synergy.
  • Mix and match: Craft new jobs by combining materials found in the dungeon.


Even though it’s slim, it’s still the main character of Jobmania, so you might be surprised when it gets a job, which is something that often appears with warrior characters in the RPG genre. Specifically, there will be three main jobs: warrior, rogue, and healer. To choose a job that accurately suits your playing style, you should read the information. The special point is that each job will be compatible with each index, such as strength, agility, and intelligence, and from there, each job will bring a different development branch for slimes. This will sometimes give players a headache because there are many favorite things, but they can only choose one, and of course, after choosing, the journey to attack the dungeon begins.

  • Tactical combat: Challenging turn-based battles against various enemies.
  • Depth without complication: Complex yet easy-to-play combat system.
  • Progression from foes: Defeat enemies to gain materials for crafting jobs.
  • Increasing challenge: Enemies get tougher and smarter the deeper you go.


The reward when the player destroys enemies in the dungeon is to add special skills to his skill list. Even though the job focuses on one stat, the slime character still has three stats, so choosing a skill is often related to the stat you focus on and your strategy in battle. In addition, there are many options for you, so think carefully before making a decision.

  • Incrementally improve: Keep selected jobs, abilities, and items when you die.
  • Minimized frustration: Resume from checkpoints you unlock while descending.
  • Learn through failure: Death is not the end – use knowledge from past runs.


Equipment is indispensable in the process of playing a game related to dungeons, and it is also one of the rewards that players can receive. At the same time, they will add up a number of stats and help the character become stronger, and from there, they will be able to pass the dungeon levels easily. In particular, in the game, there is a relevant combination mechanism between skills and equipment, and if you have the right ingredients, you can create a powerful product. From there, you can optimize your strength and feel satisfied when unlocking your character’s potential.

  • I appreciate the humor: Memes, anime, movies, and references galore.
  • Comedy gold: Humorous writing and jokes throughout.
  • Nostalgic and familiar: Charming pixel art enriched by pop culture elements.

If the "Update" button didn't show up, please do "Clear Cache" on Google Play Store and try againIntroducing the new Runes System!Game balanceMinor bugfixesNew CharactersNew Relics
Download ( 264.92 MB )

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