Elevate 5.110.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Elevate 5.110.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Improve your cognitive skills: Math, word, grammar, vocabulary & memory puzzles.

Name Elevate - Brain Training Games Elevate - Brain Training Games is the most famous version in the Elevate - Brain Training Games series of publisher Elevate Labs
PublisherElevate Labs
Genre Education
Size 102 MB
Version 5.110.0
Update August 30, 2023
MOD Premium Unlocked
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MOD APK version of Elevate

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Premium Unlocked

Elevate is a set of brain training games with lots of mini-games that help you improve many aspects of your mind such as speaking, problem-solving, memorization, and mental arithmetic. Play this game every day to get a sharper mind.

Introduce about Elevate

Collection of brain training games with all skills!

Elevate – Brain Training GamesElevate – Brain Training Games

Train your brain to have a clear mind and better body activities

Like large and small machines with many different functions, each part of the human body needs to be trained and trained to be more and more stable, strong, and mature. So is the brain. The place to command all activities, reflexes, and all human reason and emotions are located in this brain center. Above all, with a clear mind, all the best abilities of a person can be brought into play. But have you ever really exercised your brain?

Not as simple as we think, brain training is not simply playing puzzles, crosswords, playing light and fun puzzle games. Each of the categories mentioned above actually only helps to forge a certain aspect of mental activity. But that’s still not enough. We need to promote all the functions of the brain, make it work, and control our body most completely. The mind includes many factors: speaking, reflexes, processing, remembering, calculating, controlling body parts, reasoning, imagining, and creating… All these aspects need to be trained properly enough way to create a healthy, lucid brain.

If you are looking for a game that helps train your brain comprehensively, let’s play Elevate. This game is exactly what you are looking for.

What is Elevate?

As a brain training game, Elevate is both a tool and a collection of games designed to help you increase the “health” of your mind. Each cluster of games will have a different effect, and when played/practiced every day, you will get total health for your brain. All of the above-mentioned major and minor mental functions have the opportunity to be molded and honed every day.

Elevate is suitable for all ages

The good thing about Elevate is its personalization. Personalization means that no matter what age you are, how much your brain develops, and how many IQ EQ points you have, Elevate can provide appropriate brain training and learning programs. A path designed just for you, at your own level and pace to ensure consistent progression and best results.

The more games you play in Elevate, the more time you spend, and the more your cognitive abilities improve. Specifically, increased productivity, increased ability to react to risks, and problems in life, healthier mental clarity, ability to earn money as well as confidence will increase.

According to a survey from real users, up to 90% of users claim that Elevate has helped them increase their vocabulary, and improve their memory, math skills, and overall situational acuity also significantly increased after a long time of challenging themselves with game sets in Elevate. The mind can be exercised, and the more you practice, the sharper, sharper your mind becomes, in all respects.

Not only kids, but adults need to use Elevate, the elderly can also use Elevate to maintain mental clarity, and minimize the probability of diseases related to confusion, and loss of consciousness in old age…

40 games – 40 brain challenges

To fulfill its brain training function, Elevate has brought more than 40 different mind games. Each game improves a particular aspect of cognition. Some games require your concentration, some games require processing, and math knowledge, and other games are a journey to memorize new words… By following the suggested route of the application or playing as many alternating games as you like for a certain amount of time each day, you will gradually realize your mental health is getting better and better.

Elevate community

Launched a long time, Elevate has got a fairly large user community. When playing this game, you will be able to monitor and evaluate your performance every time you play. Results will be measured against the number of other players. Elevate will actively make comparisons, statistics, and groupings in one place in weekly reports. Reading this report you will know how much progress you have made over time.

Automatically choose the right puzzle for the player

Unique to Elevate, as shared above, is its ability to build highly personalized workouts. Elevate will rely on the first tests to determine the current level of the user. From there, customize the Brain Training Route to hit the right focus of the area you are missing and gradually fill in the gaps in brain skills.

During the game, Elevate also keeps a close eye on each user’s progress, proactively making changes and adjustments in the First Table Roadmap to better suit each player’s speed.

The character system in Elevate is also quite beautiful and inspiring. There are more than 150 achievements for all games, it is these achievement forms that will pump adrenaline into your training.

What skills will you improve in real life by training with Elevate?

The possibilities related to the mind are also abstract if stated. So easier to understand, after a long time of brain training with Elevate, what improvements will you get?

First, the ability to read and understand the text is better, the writing style is also clearer, more convincing, and more concise than before. You will also improve a lot in spelling, punctuation, and remembering common mistakes when writing words. From there, reading and writing all kinds of documents is faster, and easier to absorb and remember in the beginning. The results of studying and working through that gradually improve.

You can also expand your vocabulary, and learn how to use thousands of new words through the games included in the app. As your mind expands, problem-solving exercises also gradually open up to help you improve your ability to solve common logic problems such as comparison, division, and mental calculation.

Your memory also gradually improves. Not forgetting important things and life details, working more organized, reading books easier to remember, fleeting events in life are remembered much better.

You also gain confidence, your ability to speak in front of a larger audience, more clearly, and a firmer tone of voice over time.

MOD APK version of Elevate

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Elevate APK & MOD for Android

Not only bring a clear mind to work better, study better, and more effectively, but comprehensive brain training with Elevate also helps you always be happy, healthy, full of energy, and confident in all matters.

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